12 September, 2019 13:15

Senior citizen Ruth, the masseuse,
recently relocated her business next door to my house and she is now building additional parking to the very edge of Church Street between Rte 103 and Rte 11
(cars and trucks use Church St. as a shortcut from Rte 103 to Rte 11. Ruth’s new roadside business parking space will possibly create a huge conflict with winter snowplows.

30 August, 2019 15:56

The VTEL telephone technician just came & said he would stick duct tape on it & I said no because that will not withstand winter snow & the fixture is below the snow line & I believe I have paid for wire insurance for 16 years so I need a new wire & it looks like it might rain soon. VTEL is taking unfair advantage of their monopoly status. CRIS ERICSON 802-875-4038

14 July, 2019 04:52

Town of Chester, Vermont has informed me they are cutting my bush so customers of the newly located Massage parlour next to my house can see better to exit the Masseuse’s driveway. I believe her main objective is to show off her Massage sign. Maybe I should just call a real estate agent & get out of this hell hole, after living here peacefully for 16 years my life is ruined because her Massage sign & all her customers with their bodily needs make me want to vomit.