President Trump should VETO the War Powers Resolution!

My great grandmother
Elizabeth Magruder Ericson
was an active member of the
D.A.R., the Daughters of the
American Revolution.

I refused to join because
you had to be a blood relative
of a deceased ancestor to
qualify, and I thought that
wasn’t very friendly. Why
not let people join who are
genuinely interested in
American History, rather than
only people with some kind of
human pittbull DNA passed down?

Worse yet, apparently its
on both sides, my mother’s
ancestors and my father’s
both had a member who actually
fought in the American Revolutionary

In loving memory of my great
grandmother, D.A.R. member
Elizabeth Magruder Ericson,
I hereby hope
that President Donald Trump
vetoes the new Feb. 13, 2020
War Powers Resolution
passed by the U.S. Senate.

The war powers resolution
bans President Trump
from attacking Iran
without congressional approval.

This is the dumbest, most stupid
resolution! If Pentagon information is
that Iran is about to attack us,
then we need to attack their
military infrastructure first
to disable their ability to strike us,
not sit around waiting for
the U.S. Congress to debate it.
We’d have thousands of Americans
dead by then.

We need to repeal the entire
War Powers Resolution law
because it interferes with the
United States Constitution
protections for U.S. Citizens
which makes the President
the Commander in Chief of the
U.S. Military so that split second
decisions that could save
thousands of lives
can be made without
sitting around waiting for the
U.S. Congress to debate it.
The War Powers Resolution
(50 U.S.C. 1541–1548)
is a federal law intended to check
the U.S. president’s power.
It is just plain dumb!

8 Republicans voted with
Democrats to limit President
Donald Trump’s
U.S. Constitutional power to be
Commander in Chief:
Mike Lee – Utah
Rand Paul – Kentucky
Susan Collins – Maine
Todd Young – Indiana
Jerry Moran – Kansas
Lamar Alexander – Tennessee
Bill Cassidy – Louisiana
Lisa Murkowski – Alaska

I hope President Trump will VETO
this war powers resolution.

Override of a veto – The process by which
each chamber of Congress votes on a bill
vetoed by the President . To pass a bill
over the president’s objections requires
a two-thirds vote in each Chamber.
Historically, Congress has overridden
fewer than ten percent of all presidential
vetoes .

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