RED, WHITE & BLUE to: BLACK & BLUE & RED excluding candidates from debates is Un-American!

From: Cris Ericson
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2018
excluding candidates from debates is Un-American!

There were many “guilty” parties
excluding political candidates
from debates in the 2018 election
in the State of Vermont.

They should be stripped of their
taxpayer funding as “non-profits”
which actually act as political
action committees determined to
fraudulently affect the outcome
of the election by trying to make
voters think only certain candidates
are on the ballot, while in reality,
there are other candidates on
the ballot who are being denied
an equal opportunity to express
their freedom of speech and
freedom of association with
Vermont registered voters.

Cris Ericson was denied access
to some debates but still received
over 9,000 votes and over 3% of the
total vote for Representative to
the United States Congress
in the 2018 election.

She would have received
more votes if she had
not been denied
participation in some debates.

Denying all candidates participation
in all debates is a form of
“political racism” whereby only
the “Red” Republicans and “Blue”
Democrats are invited to the most
debates, and the “White” Independent
and minor party
candidates, like Cris Ericson,
are excluded from some debates.
This is “political racism” and discrimination
by color representing their political

In the 2018 political race in Vermont,
Vermont PBS and Vermont Public Radio
and others claiming to be “non-profits”
received taxpayer funding through
Public Broadcasting and the State of
Vermont, and then proceeded to
violate the rights of freedom of speech
and freedom of association to the
candidates they determined were
the wrong color political party affiliation.

Our American Flag was
Red, White and Blue,
and now is it Black & Blue & Red,
beaten by abuse and by the
“color of authority” because
incumbent Governor Phil Scott
and incumbent U.S. Congressman
Peter Welch co-conspired,
under their “color of authority”
to deny 2018 candidate Cris Ericson
the right to participate in some
political debates which were at
least in part funded with state and
federal taxpayer dollars.

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