Perennial Vermont Political Candidate, Cris Ericson, seeks EB-5 foreign investors to invest in a new business with her in Vermont which will be totally unrelated to her political campaign 2018

Cris Ericson is down in North Carolina visiting relatives and studying family history documents.

Every woman’s mitochondrial dna goes from mother to children, but only continues to the next generation by mothers.  So, Cris Ericson’s mother’s mother’s mother was a Tyree, and in the family history charts and letters passed down there is a hunt for a particular Tyree man who came over during the Revolutionary War and served George Washington, and had a wife and two sons, and then went back to Scotland and said he would arrange for them to go there, but never did.

Clay Felker, who started New York magazine, was my mother’s cousin, and I read a letter from him to her dated many years ago, and he couldn’t find anything on the isle of Tyree (Tiree, Tiri) off the west coast of Scotland.

Then I read letters from his parents, Cora and Carl Felker, written even longer ago, and they were searching for our original Tyree (Tiree, Tyrie) ancestor who came to America and fought in the Revolutionary War for George Washingtom, but then returned to Scotland leaving his wife and two sons who were born here, claiming he would arrange for them to go to Scotland to be with him.

All of this studying of family documents lead me to opening old family Bibles for more records and maps.

My mitochondrial dna is in the J haplogroup which means my mother’s mother’s mother’s mother, etc. came from the area of Lebanon, Israel, Yemen, Iran, Iraq or around there somewhere because that general area of the globe originated the J haplogroup.

Bible maps show the island of Tyree off of Lebanon and the Fjiord of Tyrie in Norway and the Isle of Tyrie off the west coast of Scotland – so I figure all these people are the same – great sailors.

So, I wrote a story about Pirate Captain Raven Tyree and I believe if you do a google search of Cris Ericson and Ark of the Covenanet you will see what I am up, to using Old Testament Holy Bible references, I think the Ark of the Covenant can be found in Scotland!  I want to make a movie about my theory, totally unrelated to my 2018 political campaign.


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