28 December, 2020 06:48

Author: Michael Crichton title: “Next” exposes US Congress funding of N.I.H. Taxpayers pay for R&D for Rx drugs & vaccines but pharmaceutical co.s get PATENT OWNERSHIP and taxpayers get NO return on investment – biggest rip off!
continues because big Pharma gives kickbacks to Congress in form of campaign donations!

28 December, 2020 02:31

Demand the Bayh-Dole Act be repealed because every time someone pays for a vaccination you might be putting money into an elected politician’s campaign chest without knowing it! HOW?
US Congress passed the Bayh-Dole Act to allow University researchers to use your tax dollars to pay for the research but then the Professor takes ownership of the medical inventions & starts his or her own Biotech firm which makes huge profits but doesn’t give you any. Then their political action committee receives some of the profits & gives them to members of US Congress. WHERE IS YOUR SHARE OF THE PROFIT YOU SHOULD HAVE RECEIVED FOR YOUR TAX DOLLARS invested in research for vaccinations & vaccines? In the politician’s pocket.